The Fascia and the
Nervous System Bundle,
with Christine Wushke

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About the bundle:

The nervous system is a complex and crucial part of our bodies. Its proper function is critically important to our physical and mental health and when out of balance can make our lives challenging.

The good news is there are practices and techniques we can learn to support and optimise the health of our nervous system. If you or your students are experiencing acute anxiety, chronic stress, muscular tension and/or persistent pain, these courses with Christine Wushke will shed light on how your nervous system works and teach you how to self-regulate it.

You can now purchase both of Christine Wushke's teacher training courses as a bundle, with a 15% discount. This includes:

Fascia and the Nervous System, Level 1 - a 20-hour teacher training that focuses on the connection between fascia and the nervous system. You will explore concepts such as Biotensegrity, Polyvagal Theory, the Window of Tolerance, and different Domains of Integration. Based on the latest research in the fields of fascia and neuroscience, the goal of this training is to demystify these useful, yet sometimes complex concepts to empower you to practice and teach in a way that best serves you and your students.

Fascia and the Nervous System Level 2 - an 8-hour course focusing specifically on chronic pain. You will learn to apply the concept of biotensegrity to alleviate chronic pain, discomfort and restrictions in movement. You'll look at different traditions of natural and intuitive movement. You'll explore concepts like integration and interoception, the narratives around pain and injury, and learn different techniques for pain management.


On completion of both courses you will receive a 28-hour certificate valid towards Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

Who is this bundle for?

  • Yoga teachers and movement educators.
  • Anyone struggling with persistent pain, tension, or muscular discomfort who wants to learn how to move with more fluidity.
  • Those struggling with anxiety or chronic stress.

Course Outline:


Fascia and the Nervous System
Level 1

Course outline


Fascia and the Nervous System
Level 2

Course outline


About Christine Wushke:

Christine Wushke is a myofascial release expert, a certified yoga therapist, a registered massage therapist and a Hakomi practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Christine runs the Journey to Light Wellness Center and is the author of the book 'Freedom is your Nature'. Christine’s effective techniques will help you build self-awareness, interoception and, most importantly, a loving relationship with your body.