About us

The EkhartYoga Academy is a specialised yoga training school, part of EkhartYoga.com, Europe's leading online yoga studio.


Esther Ekhart, the name and mind behind EkhartYoga, decided to offer her teachings online after the classes in her Ireland-based studio became too full. Wanting to ensure that no-one missed out on the opportunity to experience yoga, EkhartYoga was born.

EkhartYoga's mission has always been to make the practice of yoga accessible to a wide audience through a team of dedicated top international teachers. Offering 22 styles of yoga taught by 45 different teachers, we aim to share the love of yoga with as many people as possible.

By creating this Academy we give non-members access to our courses - no subscription to EkhartYoga is necessary. These courses are open to everyone, beginners, seasoned practitioners and teachers alike.

Learn from the best with the EkhartYoga Academy.