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Breathwork for Life

Learn the key differences between Breathwork and Pranayama, discover the link between our breath, thoughts and emotions and create personalised breathwork sessions for yourself or your students for optimal health and emotional balance.

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Adapting Yin and Yang Yoga Poses in a Functional Way

Learn how to functionally adapt and adjust commonly practised asanas in Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa classes, to overcome limitations and avoid injury.

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Teaching Accessible and Inclusive Yoga

Learn how to adapt and make your classes, sequences, language and teaching spaces accessible and welcoming for those with different abilities, needs, ages and backgrounds.

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Yoga-based tools for kids

For exhausted parents, frustrated teachers, anyone wishing to elevate their ability to guide children – this simple to use toolbox of yoga-based techniques will help you and the kids in your life find balance.

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Fascia and the Nervous System

Take a deep dive into a fascia-aware and nervous system-informed approach to yoga and movement. Learn to move better, reduce pain levels, track your nervous system states and create client centered classes.

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Yin Anatomy Teacher Training

This training will give you an in-depth understanding of anatomy and its relationship to Yin Yoga. You'll gain a solid foundation for planning and teaching Yin yoga classes or incorporating Yin into your teaching.

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Relationships: Love starts within

Understand and let go of deeply ingrained and limiting patterns and beliefs so that you can experience freedom and a renewed sense of love in your life - whether you're in a relationship or not.

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Releasing Trauma and Stress

Learn practical and theoretical tools to enable you to process deeply-stored stress and trauma, deal with traumatic and stressful events more skillfully and maintain a healthy nervous system.

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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

This comprehensive course is for anyone who wishes to access deeper relaxation, a higher understanding of the human experience and ultimately begin teaching Yoga Nidra to others.

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Yin Yoga and Meridians Teacher Training

Using the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Theory as a foundation, learn how Yin Yoga poses can stimulate meridians and balance Chi flow, and in doing so, initiate profound energetic, physical, emotional and mental shifts.

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