Non-Duality Group Coaching,
with Harry Dijkshoorn

Live coaching sessions to deepen the path of self-discovery.
Starting Monday, April 26th 2021.



6 weeks

Join Harry live, every Monday starting April 26th

Up to 9 participants

An intimate group to create a safe place

75 to 90 min sessions

Tune in via Zoom, from 19:00 to 20:15 CET every Monday



Spiritual practice is designed to uncover our true nature. Psychological work focuses on creating order in interpersonal relationships and releasing the trauma and stress we may carry in our body and mind. These sessions will unite the spiritual and psychological approaches. This will unlock your inherent potential for growth and healing and help you overcome obstacles on the path of self-discovery.

Who is this for?

This group is for anyone who is interested in personal and spiritual growth from a non-dual perspective. If you desire to deepen your understanding and overcome obstacles on the path of self-discovery then this coaching group is for you.  


19:00-20:15 CET every Monday for 6 weeks, starting April 26th 2021

The program:

The focus of each class is subject to change depending on the needs and focus of the group.

  • Session 1- Know Yourself
  • Session 2- Who are you? How to Practice Self- inquiry
  • Session 3- Context is Key - the #1 Secret to Inner Peace
  • Session 4- Emotional healing and overcoming stress
  • Session 5- Mind management - Some tools from the Rishis
  • Session 6- Surrender to the Power that knows the way

About Harry Dijkshoorn:

Harry is a meditation teacher, trauma therapist and guides people on the path to Self-knowledge. His work is informed by four decades of dedicated therapeutic and spiritual practice, including Western psychotherapy, meditation and the traditional teachings from India. 

Harry's work as a trauma therapist is based on a fusion of Western psychotherapy (Somatic Experiencing, a body-centered approach to resolving traumatic stress) and India's non-dual ways of liberation (Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, and non-dualism).

His main aim is to: "help uncover the inner sense of natural ease and inner strength that every human being is endowed with and to help (re)find your wholeness as a human conscious being."

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