Transformational Group Coaching for Men, with David Lurey

Live coaching sessions to explore ideas of ‘masculinity’ in the 21st century.
Starting Thursday, April 29th 2021.



6 weeks

Join David live, every Thursday starting April 29th

Up to 9 participants

An intimate group to create a safe place

75 to 90 min sessions

Tune in via Zoom, from 19:00 to 20:15 CET every Thursday


Expand, Explore. Excel. This is a digital space for men to connect, explore, cultivate brotherhood, lean into edges and become positive game changers of the world. Expect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. Learn to be your most authentic self – to show up fully in life and live life to the fullest.

Who is this for?

Men who are ready and willing to have authentic, powerful conversations involving vulnerability, truth and mutual respect.


19:00-20:15 CET every Thursday for 6 weeks, starting April 29th 2021

The program:

The focus of each class is subject to change depending on the needs and focus of the group.

  • Session 1: Introduction
  • Session 2: Physical Body
  • Session 3: Mental health
  • Session 4: Emotional intelligence
  • Session 5: Spiritual presence
  • Session 6: Integration

About David Lurey:

David Lurey, 500 E-RYT, is committed to teaching yoga to men as a life changing practice that does so much more than just create physical health & flexibility. He uses the practice as a means of encouraging the discovery of ‘true purpose’, and as a tool to make conscious choices, “to act and engage with intention, and put out to the world what we want to create”. As well as leading weekly mentoring sessions for men, David runs regular workshops and retreat, providing a safe and open space for men to explore what it means to be male in our ever-fluid, always-changing society.

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