Embodying the Ordinary leads to the Extraordinary,
with Richard Husseiny

Starting Wednesday, April 28th 2021.


6 weeks

Join Richard live, every Wednesday starting April 28th

Up to 9 participants

An intimate group to create a safe place

75 min sessions

Tune in via Zoom, from 19:30 to 20:45 CET every Wednesday



In this coaching program you will learn the process, science and practical application of what underpins extraordinary human achievements and resilience.

By learning to redirect your awareness, you’ll learn how to mindfully use peak states such as flow to gain clarity and perspective. You will discover how to apply evidenced-based strategies in order to embody self-care, and a new mindset so that you can become the decision maker in your life. 

By the end of this live coaching program, you’ll have a powerful toolbox with which to stay grounded, energized and show up in your life as a heartfelt leader.

The program

  • Session 1: Retuning Your awareness
    Welcome. In this session we’ll explore the idea of retraining how we pay attention, moving our awareness from behind our eyes and into our body.
  • Session 2: Embodiment as a way of life
    We’ll discuss the idea of interoception, and how our body influences how we think and feel. We’ll explore techniques that can be applied in our daily life and finish with some breathwork.
  • Session 3: The subtle power of simplifying your mindset
    This session is about defining some key ideas with regards to mindset, and how to make the most use of the time we spend in our heads.
  • Session 4: Peak states
    A discussion on flow and peak states, and their power.
  • Session 5: Rethinking your practices
    A discussion on practices that offer us a powerful toolbox with which to stay grounded and give us perspective.
  • Session 6: Planning and integration
    An open discussion on what we've covered so far.

Who is this for?

This group is for anyone who wants to progress along the path to personal mastery, which is simply the process of a life well lived..


19:30-20:45 CET every Wednesday for 6 weeks, starting April 28th 2021

About Richard Husseiny:

Richard is a coach, mentor, speaker and the co-founder of The Conscious Life Collective, dedicated to helping people become who they are meant to be.

Richard’s insatiable curiosity about human potential led him to pursue a career at the highest level of Olympic sport. Working with the best athletes in the world taught him about what the human body is capable of and what people can accomplish when true collaboration is achieved.

However, it is the experience of deep grief that led Richard on his spiritual journey and the realisation that the key elements that underpin extraordinary feats are actually very ordinary qualities, which we can learn to utilise to our advantage in life.

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