Embodied Anatomy Immersion, with Jennilee Toner

Explore the body's skeletal structure and tissues, habitual patterns, and the different elements that affect movement.



23-hour online course

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Explore how your body works and moves

Get underneath the skin and explore how bones, tissues and fascia weave together to enable our bodies to move, and learn to recognise patterns that shape our bodies.

Learn how to prevent Vinyasa-related injuries

Move through the skeleton, exploring different aspects of anatomy and movement patterns. Learn how they can contribute to injury and how to prevent it.

Discover the yogic view of the human body

Explore the 'subtle body' and learn about the Koshas, Nadis and Chakras, the muscles and organs of the respiratory system, and the all-important breath.

Course structure

Exploring both the Western view of the 'physical body' and the yogic approach to the 'subtle body', this course is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of human anatomy so you can teach and practice in a safe and sustainable way.


What you will learn:

  • The bio-mechanics of movement
  • The intricacies of bones, joints, muscles and ligaments
  • Review the body’s anatomy through the layers of the organs, tissues  and fluids
  • Explore the fascia meridians
  • Understand your habitual patterns and the way they shape your body
  • Establish a safe way to practice and prevent injury, for yourself and your students
  • Discover the yogic approach to the human body through koshas, nadis, chakras and breath


The course is divided into four days of training, and includes:

  • Eight anatomy sessions
  • Four morning meditations, to connect you to your body
  • Four skilfully designed Vinyasa flow classes, to put your knowledge into practice
  • A PDF version of Jennilee’s Perfect Chaturanga book (45$ value)


To round off this course, Jennilee teaches you her ‘Perfect Chaturanga’ technique and her five-step process for longevity in yoga, followed by a bonus Core Vinyasa flow.


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Meet your teacher:

Jennilee Toner

Jennilee is a student and teacher of yoga and human anatomy, and the author of The Perfect Chaturanga: A Comprehensive Guide to the Human Body Through the Practice of Vinyasa Yoga.
She has been practicing Hatha and Vinyasa yoga since 1996, teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga since 2003 and teaching experiential anatomy to yoga teachers in training internationally since 2010. She has also been teaching her own Hot Warrior Yoga 200-hour teacher training courses since 2012 and Inner Sanctum Yoga 300-hour teacher trainings since 2016.


"Jennilee’s Embodied Anatomy Immersion is fun but at the same time deepened my knowledge of anatomy. Jennilee is an energetic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic teacher with a great sense of humour. The knowledge I gained from this course helped to strengthen the foundation of my yoga practice and gave me a new perspective on teaching and my path in yoga."