Yoga-based tools for kids, with Tracey Uber Cook

Empower yourself and the children in your life to navigate life’s challenges.



11-hour online course

Eligible for 10 CEUs with Yoga Alliance

Simple solutions to complicated challenges

 Carefully created for your ease

Unlimited access
for flexible study

Designed with your busy life in mind

Triggers: What lies beneath

There’s a neural network behind every trigger. Explore the underlying causes of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and discontent, and learn how to transform them using the philosophy and practices of yoga.

Toolbox: Techniques & practices

Gain an easy-to-learn practical toolbox of yoga-based resources and techniques to help you and the kids in your life maintain balance and peace in an ever-changing environment.

Resources: At your fingertips

Quickly download extra meditations, body scans, Yoga Nidra practices, affirmations and guided relaxations to immediately integrate into daily life - easily adaptable for different ages and circumstances.

Who is this course for?



Parents, caregivers, educators, yoga teachers, healthcare professionals – anyone working with children and seeking support.



You’re working hard - regularly challenged in a myriad of ways physically, emotionally and spiritually; frequently wondering how to handle new (and recurring!) situations; often unsure how best to communicate with the children kindly whilst establishing loving boundaries; repeatedly figuring out when to squeeze in self-care and where to manage your ongoing responsibilities outside of your role as a caregiver; constantly experiencing guilt at the way you ‘should’ or ‘could’ have handled something; and forever second guessing yourself...


Learn to take care of yourself first, so that you can be a calm, present and compassionate guide for the young person or people in your life. Receive a practical toolbox of yoga-based resources that you can share with them to make life's path a little smoother!

Our interactive and inspirational online training provides the skills and amplifies your confidence to use and share your new tools with children - at home, in schools, anywhere.

Course structure

Struggling with your own mental health, emotional needs and self-care as you juggle the demands of caring for and/or teaching children? You’re not alone.

This course has been carefully created, by a mother and educator, with your busy life in mind. It simplistically addresses the complicated challenges that we all face - as parents, educators and human beings - helping guide young people through growing up, a process during which we grow immensely as well.

Through theory and practice, we’ll explore the root cause of these challenges and learn a variety of uncomplicated tools and techniques to give ourselves and the kids in our lives a chance to remain calm, grounded and present no matter what life throws at us.

To share authentically, we need to deeply understand ourselves - so this course starts with you.

Learn about your entire self - from the peripheral, outer shell (the body) through to the deepest, most subtle layer - the heart of who you are. Receive simple, daily, self care rituals to incorporate into your life and a variety of resources you can begin using immediately to (re)establish and maintain a sense of balance on all levels.

Then you’ll be offered a framework of specific yoga-based techniques and practices that are suitable for children of different ages. From young kids to teenagers (and beyond), these tools are practical, adaptable and effective in empowering them to manage their own wellbeing through the obstacle course of growing up



Yoga Alliance Accreditation

Yoga-based tools for kids with Tracey Cook is eligible for 10 Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance.

Meet your teacher:

Tracey Uber Cook

Tracey Uber Cook is an internationally recognised yoga and meditation teacher with over two decades of experience helping adults and children maintain joy and wellbeing. She specialises in teaching pranayama/meditation, personal development, yoga philosophy, and yoga accessibility for the whole community.

As well as teaching online classes for, Tracey teaches weekly with Live and Breathe Yoga, Yoga Health, and Everglow in her home in Townsville, Australia. She's also a mother to two teenagers, a Queensland Program Leader for Yoga Tools for Schools - a non-profit organisation which helps educators and students manage their own wellbeing using the tools of yoga - and a facilitator and trainer for the Youth R.E.S.E.T Program.



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