The Yin Yoga Bundle,
with José de Groot

In-depth, self-paced, online Yin Yoga teacher training.






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About the bundle:

Yin Yoga is a multi-faceted, holistic modality that can improve your and your students' quality of life and wellbeing in many ways. The practice of Yin Yoga rejuvenates our fascia and musculoskeletal system, grounds our mental activity and calms our nervous system. Yin Yoga is also a wonderful tool with which to build mental resilience, teaching us to remain present with discomfort.

You can now purchase both of José de Groot's Yin yoga teacher training courses as a bundle, with a 15% discount. This includes:

Yin Anatomy Teacher Training focuses on the functional aspects of the practice. One of the focus points of Yin Yoga is to stimulate regeneration and relaxation in the whole body by targeting specific areas, organs or myofascial lines. The emphasis is on finding sensation rather than making fixed shapes (poses). Therefore, a good understanding of anatomy is key in order to find and offer variations that serve your and your students’ unique physiology for a truly personalised practice.

In this course you will explore multiple variations of Yin Yoga poses targeting the lower body and learn how to teach functional Yin yoga.

Yin Yoga and Meridians Teacher Training focuses on the energetic aspects of the practice. This course is based on Chinese Meridian & Five Element theories mapping of the human body and it approaches the practice from a holistic perspective. You will learn how to build your practice and classes around meridian lines, targeting different organs and emotional states to improve or maintain physical health and emotional balance.

In this course you will explore a variety of Yin poses that target the upper body.


Each course has been designed to complement the other and together they form a solid and comprehensive foundation from which to begin teaching.

On completion of the courses you will receive a 50-hour Yoga Alliance-certified Yin Yoga Teacher certificate and 30 additional hours of continuing education.

The Yin Yoga bundle is also part of José’s online 200-hour Yin Yoga, Anatomy and Meridians Teacher Training.
If you choose to take your Yin Yoga education even further after completing the Yin Anatomy and Yin and Meridians courses, the cost of this bundle will be deducted from José’s 200-hour teacher training.

Who is this bundle for?

  • Yin practitioners looking to build a solid foundation from which to begin teaching.
  • Yoga teachers wishing to incorporate elements of Yin yoga in their classes.
  • Yin yoga teachers who want to broaden their knowledge.
  • Yin yoga practitioners looking to develop a functional and personalised practice.
  • Those looking to deepen their knowledge of the anatomical and energetic aspects of yoga.

Course Outline:


Yin Anatomy Teacher Training

Course outline


Yin Yoga and Meridians

Course outline


About José de Groot:

José specialises in teaching Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Trainings, and has been doing so since 2007. Her passion for teaching functional, intelligent and holistic yoga is fuelled by her own continued study and practice in functional anatomy, Yin and Yang yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, philosophy and psychology.