Self-Care for Women Group Coaching,
with Irina Verwer

Live coaching sessions to learn sacred, self-care techniques for everyday life.
Starting Thursday, April 29th 2021.



6 weeks

Join Irina live, every Thursday starting April 29th

Up to 9 participants

An intimate group to create a safe place

75 to 90 min sessions

Tune in via Zoom, from 18:30 to 19:45 CET every Thursday


An inviting, warm digital space for women to unite, learn and be inspired. A place to exhale, let go and connect with yourself and others. Learn self-care routines to stay centered and resilient through challenging times. The Ayurvedic and Somatic aspects of the sessions will offer you realistic and easy-to-implement tools for everyday life.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you feel like you could benefit from taking some time and space to reconnect with yourself. Mutual respect, honesty and loving awareness are at the base of each session. 


18:30-19:45 CET every Thursday for 6 weeks, starting April 29th 2021

The program:

The focus of each class is subject to change depending on the needs and focus of the group.

  • Session 1: Roots - what is our foundation? Where do we come from?
  • Session 2: Ayurvedic philosophy for everyday life
  • Session 3: How to rock your dosha
  • Session 4: Surfing the waves - stress and self-care
  • Session 5: Exhale. Rest. Restore. An entire session to catch your breath, ask questions and find personal gems of inspiration.
  • Session 6: Rise - how to move from here?

About Irina Verwer:

Irina Verwer is a yoga teacher, holistic coach, Ayurvedic practitioner, vegan chef and writer of two yogic cookbooks. She leads workshops, retreats, private classes and coaching sessions throughout the Netherlands and internationally.



I absolutely loved the Self-care for Women course with Irina. I have had a long history of feeling stressed and anxious, and not caring for myself enough, and went into the course feeling disconnected from my femininity. Irina’s sessions were the perfect balance of teaching and sharing. We learnt insightful and valuable things about the nervous system, the mind and Ayurveda, as well as having a space to share and open up. After putting some of her advice into practice, I feel SO much more connected to myself, aware of my cycle, and much more of a woman than ever! I’d really recommend this course, especially if you want to feel ‘held’ in a loving, supportive, female-focused space.


I am very happy that I joined the Self Care for Women group coaching. Irina created a very warm and supportive atmosphere, where I was able to look inside, become more aware, and share my challenges and experiences.

I came away from the coaching sessions with much 
more awareness, and some new nourishing habits. I also found a wonderful group of women and we are continuing to support each other after the course ended.

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