Love starts within, with Chalotte Fruergaard

Unlock your inner programming and create the life of love that’s your birthright



2.5 hour online course


Unlimited access for flexible study


One-to-one session with Chalotte

Let go of limiting patterns

Understand and let go of deeply ingrained and limiting patterns and beliefs so that you can experience freedom and a renewed sense of love in your life.

Learn the languages of love

Did you know there are 5 different ways to give and receive love? Learn your own and your partner’s languages and understand their impact on how you communicate and experience love.

Step on a new path

Gain a profound understanding of who you are at your core - a strong and loving essence - and embrace the liberation that comes from being yourself.

Course structure


Find your love of a lifetime

This 6 session course will wake you up to the source of life and love within you and teach you how you can access it. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, this is a transformational journey, which will show you how to find the love of a lifetime and nourish any relationship with the highest vibrations of love.

Many people think that love is a mystery but perhaps it’s not. Perhaps, instead, our experience of love is simply a blueprint of our inner programming; a direct imprint from childhood experiences.

If you find yourself repeating the same patterns in love and relationships, you may well have come to believe that your imprint is fixed, unchangeable. In fact, when you begin to dig deeper and understand the driving force behind these patterns, you can discover the key to unlocking your inner programming. This will enable you to access unlimited possibilities of love - both within you and around you. It will give you the potential to create a life of love that is your birthright.

Do you:

  • Find it difficult to find a partner?
  • Notice yourself repeating the same patterns in relationships?
  • Find yourself ‘rescuing’ partners?
  • Feel that your partner doesn’t understand you?
  • Want to cultivate more self-love?

If so, I’m going to take you on an exploration - one which will take you from the subjective beliefs and perceptions you have about love and relationships to the unlimited universe of unconditional love that’s available right here and now. 

This course includes a 30 minute, one-to-one session with Chalotte.

Course outline

Welcome to the first session of this course! In this first step of our journey together you will discover why and how you can change your (love) life by elevating your frequency. You are the ‘creator’, and this is the first step of the formula - knowing a greater love inside you. The alchemist can turn metal into gold and, as the alchemist of love, you will learn how to turn suffering and a feeling of separation and polarity into vibrant, connected love.

In this session, you will learn about the important role that hormones play and how they impact the way we experience love. You’ll understand the truth behind the saying “love makes us blind” -  because it does! - and discover the hidden secret about why falling in love is not meant to last (but what, instead, it is meant for!)

Did you know that there are five different ways to give and receive love? Of course, it would be much easier if we all spoke the same language of love - but we given that we don’t, this session will teach you about the five languages ​​of love. You’ll learn to understand your own and your loved ones' languages and understand what impact they have on the way you communicate and experience love. 

It’s now time to take the journey deeper inward and release any pain and suffering in your love life. In this session you will take an in-depth look at what slows down - or even stops - your inner and outer flow of love. You will discover how you have been programmed (perhaps since you were a child) by limiting beliefs. This session will show you how to let go of these patterns, so that you can experience freedom and a renewed sense of love in your life.

You may be wondering, "If I am not my programming, then who am I and what is love?" In this session, you will gain a deep understanding of your inner core  - a strong and loving essence - underneath your mental programming. You’ll start to become familiar with this path as a new and natural part of you.

You are so much bigger than you think you are. In this session we’ll explore the connection between the love inside you and universal love. You will learn about the latest scientific discoveries about the path from head to heart. In this class, we’ll wrap up everything and leave you ready for your private session with Chalotte.

Meet your teacher:

Chalotte Fruergaard

Chalotte is a yoga teacher, relationship coach and spiritual mentor. Her journey started as a 17-year-old and has led her through traditions, disciplines, psychotherapy, cognition, coaching, the healing powers of nature, and the alchemy of love. For over 25 years Chalotte has inspired and guided thousands of people along the path to love and wisdom.


"Although I’m not in a romantic relationship right now, my intention in taking this course was to grow and learn so that if an opportunity arises - and I hope that it does - I can bring a new level of consciousness, intentionality, and curiosity to the relationship. Even in the absence of that right now, this course has been such a gift to me in a number of ways."


"Chalotte has changed my life so much for the better! With her help I was able to recognize personal patterns holding me back from inner growth. I was able to release so much of what did not serve me and feel so liberated after our work together! "


"Your course has completely changed my life. My marriage has transformed from a battlefield to a love fest!"