Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers, with David Lurey

Practice conscious communication to bridge the gap between what you communicate, and how you are seen, heard or perceived.



2-hour online course

Interactive comments platform

EkhartYoga completion certificate

Eligible for 2 CEUs with Yoga Alliance

Explore your voice and physical body

Discover your vocal range, the power of your breath, your unique body shape, and how sound connects with your body's movement.

Learn about the effects of your teaching language

Explore ways in which your teaching language can support, limit or prevent your students’ personal evolution.

Connect your intention and communication

Learn how to achieve 'Mental centering', and how to redirect your thoughts to cultivate more compassion towards yourself and others.

Course structure

This course is designed to give you an insight into your communication, the different elements that shape it, and how you can adjust it by exploring your words, thoughts and intentions.

David's interactive lectures are engaging and inspiring. With his ‘body, mind and spirit’ approach, you'll learn about yourself and how to align your communication with your intentions.


You will learn:

  • Explore the range of your physical voice in order to be heard and understood
  • Explore four ‘levels’ of teaching to find new ways of imparting knowledge in an authentic way
  • Adapt your communication to different environments
  • Learn to convey emotions and touch deeper layers of your students’ beings
  • Relate to communication as a tool to transmit your philosophy
  • Explore the psychology of how we think, which is at the root of our words
  • Learn a simple technique for ‘mental centering’

To round off this course, we have added an EkhartYoga class as a bonus. Discover the depth and richness of your voice by singing along with David and the Kirtan Choir, to a mantra melody by Sangita Wyslich.

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Yoga Alliance accreditation

Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers, with David Lurey is eligible for 2 Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance.

Meet your teacher:

David Lurey

David Lurey, E-RYT 500, has studied different aspects of yoga with various experienced teachers all over the world. David often interweaves spiritual teaching themes into his teaching, along with intelligent sequencing, a heartfelt passion for music, and a dose of humour.

Radiating enthusiasm and love, David Lurey teaches Vinyasa Yoga for a connection to the self, AcroYoga for connecting to other humans, Green Yoga as a way to connect more deeply with the planet and cosmos, and Bhakti Yoga for divine connections.


"David is very skilled at making difficult subjects clear and understandable. This course made me realize how important my communication is when teaching a class, and also as a person. It made me more conscious about the way I work with my students. The practices are explained in a simple way and are powerful tools that a teacher needs for teaching a yoga class."