The Art of Sequencing, with Esther Ekhart

Improve your home practice and teaching skills. Learn how to create intelligent, safe and well-balanced sequences with Esther Ekhart.



6-hour online course

Interactive comments platform

Downloadable course material

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Improve your teaching skills

Understand the key principles of sequencing and learn how to create unique and well-balanced yoga classes.

Explore class scenarios

Break down yoga sequences, understand how they are structured and how to modify them.

Work with sequencing themes

Learn how to build sequences around themes, topics or poses to create inspiring and safe yoga classes.

Course structure

This course helps you to establish a foundation to create inspiring, well-rounded and safe yoga classes. You are encouraged to explore your reasons for teaching yoga and what you’d like your students to experience.


You will learn:

  • The basic principles of sequencing
  • Step-by-step guidelines to structure a balanced sequence
  • Different ways you can sequence a yoga class and the categories of themes
  • Different categories of poses and themes that combine well with them
  • Important points to remember when planning a yoga class


Throughout the course, Q&A sessions with Esther’s students clarify common misconceptions and the downloadable course material provides you with a basic template and key principles to enable you to create your most inspiring classes yet.

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Meet your teacher:

Esther Ekhart

Esther, founder of EkhartYoga, has been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga for over 20 years. Her knowledge and practical down-to-earth teaching has inspired thousands of yogis all over the world.

She is an internationally experienced yoga teacher, Clarity teacher and therapist. Yoga and Clarity work showed Esther that there is nothing to find and that everything she was looking for is 'right here, right now'.


"The Art of Sequencing Workshop with Esther was a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the key principles of creating a well-structured and fulfilling sequence. Esther's wisdom and years of experience were at the core of the program, which was practical, well-researched and insightful. Esther has the inherent ability to navigate through every layer from the observable to the most subtle, presenting an art of sequencing that is both intelligent, intuitive, and, most importantly for me, always taught from the heart."


"Esther taught me the safe way to build a class around challenging postures. But most of all, she taught me that sequencing a well-rounded Yoga class is about inviting our students to meet what is present in their bodies and mind with acceptance, and exploring their boundaries with respect and compassion. This course is of great value to any Yoga Teacher as much as any Yoga Student ready to build his or her personal practice."


"A lovely workshop where we explored the deeper layers of creating good yoga sequences. After learning sequencing during our TT and working with it as part of our homework, it was great to have the opportunity to go further with it. We were taught how to approach sequencing with awareness, including on an emotional level. This enabled the art of designing a sequence to become softer in some way but also broadened how to approach it. The workshop made it clearer for me to remember that when I teach and create a sequence, I want to do it in such a way that my students can move from their heart."


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